Why “Being mocked by my team” should be a 2016 priority

We’re two months into a new year.

How’s your team doing so far?

If there is one period that creates more business disappointments than any other, this is it.  The first 60 days of the year.

As the leader of your company, you’re likely exceptional at creating a vision for the future. You know how to put together actionable plans.  Perhaps you even have a spectacular idea that is poised to rock your industry.  I’m betting you spent some time over the holidays thinking about what you learned over the past year.  You’ve likely drafted a road map for the next few months.  There are new projects you want the team to undertake… bad habits and poor performance of the past you plan to crush.

This is the year of big change and you have the plan to make it happen.

Two months in, and with your hand on the tiller, are things changing course as you hoped?

It’s about this time that new year’s resolutions and annual business plans start to get fuzzy. The enthusiasm that was palpable on January 1st starts to wane and bad habits continue to thrive. More